TRILIGHT :A 7 in 1 car partner for all drivers


    TRILIGHT: A 7 in 1 car-partner for all drivers

    TRILIGHT has been especially created for all drivers. It's something that can make people safer, something that can help them, and something that can be frequently used in everyday life. 

                                   ———– Max, CEO of TX LIGHTING 

    Highlighted features:

    An electric warning triangle featuring ultra-high visibility technology which can be seen as far away as 300 meters. TRILIGHT turns a passive warning into a proactive warning, to make both the broken-down car and the driver and passengers safe. 

    A jump starterTrilight can jump start at least 15 consecutive times with just a single charge.

    A backup power bank with 11,000 mAh. We consider this feature a backup power solution for emergency use only. Allows your mobile phone to stay powered to call out the breakdown service when your car has broken-down or is out of fuel or power.

    3 magnetic light bars are detachable and designed with an individual control system for various applications, such as a warning light, a bike light, an ambient light and more. (run time: 5 hours)

    Work light mode (high brightness mode: 1500 lumens) that can last for 4 hours for helping with car repairs. Also, with its rotating handle and strong built-in magnets, TRILIGHT can be used as a drop light, as well as a hands-free light. 

    Camp light mode (low brightness mode: 800 lumens) that can last for 7 hours.

    SOS light mode is designed to make people more noticeable, to the driver of a car coming up behind, when they are on the way to place the TRILIGHT 45m away from their broken-down car. 

    Our concept started with the warning triangle, which is a must have in any car. However, that was just a passive warning (reflective only). We make it into a proactive warning system, with three detachable LED light bars featuring our ultra-high-visibility technology, designed to make people safer. Also, we integrated other useful features into TRILIGHT, such as a jump starter, a power bank, a work light, and an SOS light, to make it more convenient and importantly to make people safer. Also, we know how important the product quality should be, therefore, we build TRILIGHT to a military grade. It’s water proof, dust proof and shock proof.  TRILIGHT leads the way for safety, convenience and quality. It’s the 7 in 1 car partner you've been searching for.




    Dimensions (LxWxH)

    245 x 245 x 50 mm


    1.2 kg


    1500 lumens


    Al + Nylon + TPR

    Light source


    Color Temperature

    6000 – 7000 k


    11,000 mAh


    15 times per single charge

    Visibility of Warning Triangle

    300 meters

    Magnetic Light Bar (Run Time)

    5 hours

    Magnetic Light Bar (Modes)

    steady, flashing, 7 color breathing lights

    Work Light 

    4 hours / 1500 lumens

    SOS Light

    12 hours / 800 lumens

    Ambient / Camp Light

    7 hours / 800 lumens


    2 years

    Endurance Time

    18 months

    Water Proof / Dust Proof / Shock Proof

    About TX Lighting Inc.

    Unlike the creative industry, lighting is a more traditional industry with high standards both in technology and quality. We are a lighting company. With our experience of ODM for big names in the industry, we know how to make products with better quality, right up to military grade levels. With one big step forward, we are bringing our latest technology and creativity to Kickstarter, to make people’s lives safer and more convenient.

    For more information, please visit Kickstarter 



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