Top 5 Tech Myths in 2019

tech myths

In the world of technology, people have a lot of doubts about certain things. Due to this, they make assumptions. This leads to a lot of confusion and causes myths among people. So, in this article, we’ll be sharing the Top 5 Tech Myths which people often have.

  1. More Megapixels = Better Camera – It is most often said by the people that more megapixels result in a better image quality. Well, it is completely wrong. With Megapixels the Camera Lens, Sensor, Aperture and Image processing software should also be good. Just by giving high Megapixels in a Smartphone or a DSLR, one cannot judge the camera quality. This is one of the major tech myths which most people.

  2. No Viruses in Macs – People usually buy Apple laptops and computers thinking that they cannot get viruses but they can. The difference is that percentage of viruses for Macs in comparison to Windows is less and that is because 90% of the people use Windows due to which Viruses are made to target Windows users as they are more in number.

  3. Deleted Files Cannot be Recovered – Once you delete your files from your hard drive it CAN BE RECOVERED even if you have deleted it from Recycle bin. There are various softwares which help you in recovering those files. It won’t be able to recover in case you write your hard drive for some other purpose.

  4. Plugging a phone for a charge overnight will reduce the battery performance or even the phone could explode – It mostly happens with people that when they get home from work they plug their phones overnight to charge them. Is it a good idea? Yes, Phones automatically reduce the rate of charging as the battery starts to fill up and would stop taking the charge once your battery is full.

  5. Incognito mode in browsers would not let anyone know what you are doing on the Internet – It is true that Incognito mode will not save your browsing data in your devices but it is not hidden from the ISP. Anyone can check from the ISP what you were searching for.

These were the most commonly found tech myths among the people. Let us know in the comments in case we missed any.



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