Top 5 Custom ROMS for Galaxy Note 4


Top 5 Custom ROMS for Galaxy Note 4! Since a long time, we have been seeing Samsung as one of the most crucial players in the Smartphone industry. People mostly prefer recommending higher-end devices made by Samsung known as “Samsung’s flagship”. But is it really worthy to call them as “flagship” if the phone is not receiving on time updates?

So, if you own a Note 4 and you haven’t received the Android 6.0 or Android 7.0 update or you are fed up with the crazy TouchWiz bloatware and would like to enhance your experience by customizing and tweaking your device, here are the top 5 Custom ROMS for Galaxy Note 4 –

1 ) Noble ROM ( Galaxy S7 edge PORT ROM )

This project consists of giving a fast experience, smooth, and stable experience with the port of firmware Galaxy S7 935F.
This ROM comes with the features of the Galaxy S7 and the Note 5. This is based on Android 6.0.1 SM-G935F real S7 Edge firmware. The Noble ROM brings you full S7 Edge features including Edge panels, Game Launcher, latest TouchWiz and the latest note features along with a working Always On Screen.
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2 ) Resurrection Remix ROM

If you are a hardcore Android user, you must have heard about this ROM before. It is quite popular for high-end devices because it’s fast, stable and tweaks your device nicely to take your experience to the next level.
With Resurrection Remix ROM for the Galaxy Note 4, you can improve the performance of your phone by 20-30% over stock performance and almost reach the levels of Note 5.
Of course, that’s not all. Resurrection Remix ROM comes loaded with latest Android 6.0.1 so you can enjoy Marshmallow today and not when Samsung decides to update the software. Apart from excellent performance, great battery life and Marshmallow, you also get endless customization options by which you can tweak your status bar, navigation bar, quick toggles, add shortcuts, and much more.
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3 ) CM Remix ROM

CyanogenMod is perhaps the most famous ROM and any Android lover must have seen or used it at one point or another. Personally, I have used this ROM on my Samsung Galaxy SIII it has worked wonderfully on it. The creators of this ROM are really active. The CyanogenMod sees constant releases and is being updated on a regular basis.CM Remix ROM also brings you a high level of customization tweaks through its settings menu that will allow you to tweak and customize your status bar, display, notifications, lock screen, buttons, shortcuts, and much more.
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4 ) Dr. Ketan ROM

It is one best Custom ROMS for Galaxy Note 4. It supports full S7 Edge features like Edge Screen panels along with full Note 5 features including off-screen memos and Air command. You will also find the latest S7 Edge launcher with the ability to change grid size and full support for new TouchWiz themes. This ROM essentially makes your aging Note 4 better than a Note 5 software wise.
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5 ) Ditto Note 5 ROM

This ROM is has been recently out and it’s a light-weight ROM filled with lots of features that enable users to customize their device completely. Though it’s still in Beta stage, there is a lot of positive response from users and has been ranked top on XDA’s forum.
This comes with the latest Android 6.0.1 and has a lot to offer. This has features of S7 edge as well as the Note 5 including the S7 edge’s photo and video editor. It has the latest interface of the S7 edge.
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Custom ROMS will not only enhance your experience, it will let you try new interfaces which would help you to get additional functionality.
So, these were our opinions on the Top 5 Custom ROMS for Galaxy Note 4 2018.

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