Top 5 Best Dating Apps in India: Living in 2019, we can do a lot of things with our smartphone bundled with an internet connection. Writing messages, composing emails, making phone and video calls, setting up an alarm and surfing the web are some universal boons which the technology has given us. With the increasing level of innovation and demands, here comes the era of online dating. Now, single men and women can easily find their companion or go for a date with someone using the online apps available. This trend is gradually becoming popular in India.

“Finally, no worries for valentines day!!”.

The youth is now ready to break through the hurdles of everyday practices and step into a new era of possibilities. That being said, some consider it to be a place to find their true love while some take it as a casual dating site. The best about current dating apps is that it helps the youngsters to fulfill their desires which are hard to accomplish.

Here is the compiled list of the Top 5 Best Dating Apps in India 2018 which are available for free, recommended by iDroidLife.


Tinder is one of the leading apps in the world which introduced online dating with the help of smartphones on a global network. Being the first one, it didn’t take much time to reach India.

Top 5 Best Dating Apps in India 2018

Tinder showcases various profiles and lets you like them by swiping the profile. One can like the profile by swiping right and in case you think this is not the right person for you, you can swipe left. Tinder also has a special feature which allows users to convey that they are really interested in the person, and can super like their profile. It actually lets the profile owner know that you really like them. The profiles are matched if both the users like each other’s profile. Due to its popularity, it is the best of the Top 5 Best Dating Apps in India 2018.

Developer: Tinder
Price: Free+


Truly Madly is another Dating App crafted especially for Indians, it will help you to get rid of your ‘Singleness’.

Top 5 Best Dating Apps in India 2018

The special thing about this app is that all the profiles are checked upon and verified by the backhand team which reduces the chances of the profiles being fake. So, only genuine people get to talk and meet over here. The app also makes the users play fun games with their matches so that they get to know each other even better. This app goes beyond the shackles of distance and age but also takes into account their interests and preferences.


Happn is an app of its kind. We have gone through many situations in our life where sometimes we see a special person around us but are unable to make contact with him or her. While here Happn comes in and solves the problem. This app lets you discover people whom you have recently met or the ones who may have been nearby your location at a particular time. The app even has a special feature which lets you know the exact number of times you might have crossed paths with someone.

Top 5 Best Dating Apps in India 2018

The app works somewhat like Tinder. If both the people like each other’s profiles, then it will be termed as “crush” and then you can start a chat. It also has a Charm feature which you can send to people if you really want to get noticed, like Superlikes on Tinder. But every “Charm” is not free of cost, but they can be bought or earned through a referral system.

happn – Local dating app
happn – Local dating app
Developer: happn
Price: Free+

4) WOO

Woo is third on our list of Top 5 Best Dating Apps in India 2018. Woo is an app which helps you look for a date or find your match within seconds. Its center of attention is only on well-educated personalities. The app has some unique built-in features such as Voice Intro, Tag Search, Question Cast and Direct Messaging, which comes out engaging for the users.

Top 5 Best Dating Apps in India 2018

The interface of this app helps look for matches based on interests, likes and hobbies. You can also get a list of probable matches just on a single tap.


If you are a guy using Tinder, you may have observed that sometimes matches do not respond to your messages. That’s what makes Bumble so rare and special. Here, when two people are matched after they both swipe right, the ball lies in the court of the girl. The girl has to send the first message within 24 hours or else the match is canceled. Furthermore, the app also lets you see people that are only looking for friends.

Top 5 Best Dating Apps in India 2018

In India, Bumble is only available for the iOS, making it one of the top 10 dating apps for iPhone in the world.

Hope you liked our Top 5 Best Dating Apps in India 2019 list. You can also check 9AppsApk. Do share with us your online dating experience in the comments section and let us know if you would like us to add more similar apps to our list.

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