The future of AI


We are surrounded massive changes in the world of artificial intelligence. You can find some form of artificial intelligence integrated into just about every mobile device now. We have some seen some very big changes over the past few years too. Changes that would have been tough to predict. This is why producing this article is quite difficult. We really do not know the future of AI to go in the world of computers and smartphones. We can take some guesses, though.
One thing that you can really expect to take off in the coming years is the idea of ‘deep learning’ in smartphones. We are talking about how the phone can learn from its environment. Take taking a photograph of an image right now. Many phones have AI built in which is able to recognize the more popular things that people take photographs of. Expect this to expand. You will be able to take a photograph of anything and the phone will know what you have taken a photograph of. While some people may not strictly call this ‘AI’, it is.

It is a system which learns without any input from the programmers once the system is all set up. It is something which grows naturally with time. As the system becomes more intelligent, you can expect it to be more likely to be used in the future for a plethora of tasks.
We can also expect phones to start learning from the behaviour of the phone user. One thing that we have seen is that phones are starting to be able to recognize what a person’s day to day schedule is like. It will then be able to offer input on when the phone is most likely going to need to be charged. It is likely that technology like this will be developed rapidly over the next few years. Smartphones, and computers to some extent, may be able to plan schedules on our behalf with very little input.
We have even seen some pieces of software which can recognize what situation you are in and react accordingly. For example; phones which can read out text messages when it knows you are travelling in a vehicle. This technology is still in its early stages, but it is adapting.
We also expect that voice recognition technology is going to improve a lot. Google assistant and Siri are the biggest examples of voice recognition. It is improving each day. In past, smartphone and computer voice recognition technology has relied heavily on people saying very clear, specific words without an accent. This is not all that fun. However, AI is still under major progress some companies, namely Google, Samsung, have been working on developing AI technology which allows it to respond to even more complicated sentences. So, expect to be able to command your phone to do a whole host of jobs. It should be a far more natural process too. The phones are not going to compare too much about the way in which you are talking. You can use your accent to your heart’s content.



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