The need of VPN has been exploded in recent years mainly considering the factors such as privacy, ISP issues, Government etc. Moreover, there are specific tasks which you can’t afford to do without a VPN. Considering all this, today we are going to share about SpeedifyVPN and what makes it unique. Let’s break down the SpeedifyVPN review in various aspects.

Before the review, let’s check out some highlights of what SpeedifyVPN offers to its customers.

  • Speedify is more than just a VPN; it allows users to combine multiple Internet connections at the same time with its patent-pending channel bonding technology. Our implementation of channel bonding is software-only, doesn’t require any additional hardware and comes at a fraction of the cost of others such as Peplink, Mushroom Networks, and Cisco.
  • Deriving from the channel bonding capabilities, users get:
    • Higher bandwidth = faster speed
    • Lower latency – suitable for live streaming, online gaming, VoIP calls
    • Increase reliability and stability of the Internet connection – if one link drops, you’ll still be connected because the other connection(s) will always be up.
  • Even if users don’t use Speedify with multiple Internet connections, it still helps with its error correction algorithm, drastically improving Internet quality over a lossy wireless network (e.g. on the train, while moving/ travelling) by fixing packet loss.
  • Speedify is a fast VPN – A faster 256-bit encryption algorithm based on the ChaCha cipher is used.
  • Speedify is a truly mobile VPN – Check out the difference between “traditional” VPNs and next-generation mobile VPNs here.
  • As a VPN service, Speedify doesn’t keep any logs
  • With Speedify you get speed AND security AND reliability, all in one!

Performance and Reliability

The biggest problem with modern VPNs is that it impacts the Internet speed. Most of the services will reduce it to some extent, so a user usually has to choose between security and seamless browsing/downloading.

Speedify solves this issue by combining two services into one. Data Encryption protocols ensure your online safety and anonymity while speed-boosting handles potential lagging problems by spreading the most demanding of tasks across different networks. This is what makes Speedify so special.

The speed which we get for streaming/downloading is phenomenal on speedify. I didn’t notice any speed drops on speedify especially while I was using Kodi or downloading torrent stuff.

The Major Feature

Speedify is also a unique VPN solution with the ability to bond Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G, 4G and other types of connection into a single and more powerful one, without easing on speed or security. This is exceptional, right?


Speedify offers its services for all major operating systems on PC and mobile. In fact, the user interface is similar to both mobile devices and desktop apps. Speedify runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10 and on Mac OS X 10.8 and above. On Android/iOS, you’ll need to have at least iOS 9 and Android 4.4 (Kit-Kat). Additionally, you can use it on 4 other devices at a time with a single account.


To use Speedify, you’ll need to create an account.  By default, the company gives you a free plan. Unlike the usual VPN services, SpeedifyVPN does not apply any time restrictions to your free account. Though, the free users are limited by 1 GB of monthly data usage.

Talking about paid plans, the Unlimited Monthly costs $8.99 per month, whereas if you pay annually, the plan will pack you $49.99  which represents a 75% discount compared to $199.95 as it was before. It is highly recommended to go with the discounted Unlimited Yearly plan. There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee, so your money is safe.

Customer Service

The best way to get in touch with customer support is to email them on the mail present on their website. Speedify is also present on most social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The FAQ page covers all the doubts and queries which people might have. So you may not require to contact them.


To sum things up, SpeedifyVPN is a drug to fasten up slow and bumpy internet connections and an excellent value for money VPN world too. With Speedify, you’ll notice a slight increase in your internet’s speed. The additional things such as packet loss, modern encryption cypher make this one of the best and most intelligent services for speed improvement purposes without sacrificing any privacy, not to mention that your VPN protection will be always on, even when a connection drops. Overall, a great VPN at a good price point.

Hope this SpeedifyVPN review was helpful to you. In case of any queries, comment down below. We’ll help you out.

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