Reasons to choose Android Platform for App Development

Reasons to choose Android Platform for App Development

In this article, we’ll be sharing the Reasons to choose Android Platform for App Development. Mobile apps have become the mainstay of a daily routine as they come with a lot of technological innovation. There are multiple operating systems powering our mobile device daily. Currently, mobile platforms are so advance by leaps and bounds, with the new OS both Android and iOS. However, app developers and company both are still bitterly divided over the dilemma which platform should be targeted first? For large enterprises, with more resources, development can be done simultaneously for different platforms, while for small businesses, it is a quite challenging situation, which could determine the success or failure of the business.

Although, Android app development is a great choice as per current marker scenario rather than iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. Today, the importance of Android application development for business cannot be emphasized on enough. Creating an Android app just because of it is on the current trends can be waste of time, efforts, and money. When you decide to go with Android app development for your business, you should also understand that how you can put that app to generate revenue for your company or to improve some of your business processes as well. In this article, we will discuss the importance of Android app development, benefits and reason why you should choose Android platform for development.

Importance of Android App development

Android is a free and open source mobile operating system with simplified mobile app development process. Companies are leveraging Android and building custom mobile apps that solve customer queries and increase value for their business. Android is also open source solution for mobile devices providing a complete software stack incorporating operating system, middleware, and key mobile applications. When it is released in 2007, user adoption was very low. But after Google’s acquisition and development efforts, the total size of the market has shifted to favor of Android with 52% of mobile users in the U.S.

This is the biggest reason why it is competing against iOS and other operating systems. The demand for Android app development raised through its robust features and offers with many new devices. Let’s take a look why developers choose the Android platform for app development.

Market share

This is number one reason why web developers should develop for Android first. According to Gartner, the latest smartphone sales figure is out, and they show a truly familiar picture. Among all the operating system, Android and iOS accounted for 99.6 percent of all smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of 2016. This estimation was 96.7% percent in the second quarter of 2015, but it’s always impressive. In the last quarter, 435 million smartphones sold, in which 355 million run on Android (81.6%) and 80 million runs on iOS. If we talk about other competitors, Windows phone managed to round up 0.3% of the market, while Blackberry was reduced to 0.1 %.

android market share

If you are developing an app or game for the general purpose, it makes economic sense to target the platform that would give you the highest access to users.


The general consent has always been that the iPhone is used by rich people and so, they are more likely to spend money on iOS apps than Android users. This might have been true in the earlier, but not anymore. If we consider most of the app categories, Android apps have been observed to be as productive as iOS apps for both initial app purchase and in-app purchases. There are many apps that are using a free ads model, and these ads are being shown to application users, the app generates revenue. In addition, advertising cost is usually lower on the Android device that means that apps can promote to more users on Android devices than the user on an iOS device.

Lower requirements for startup

Instead of buying a Mac and pay $99 yearly for Apple app store accounts for registering as a developer, developers who choose Android can work on nay device based on Windows, Linux or even iOS and pay only $25 to get registered. For a beginner, this difference can mean a lot. In simple terms, all a web developer needs to start developing and launching Android apps is a $25 payment and a personal computer.

Publishing and Reviews

With Android, apps can be deployed to Google play store on the same day. They will be available for download within a few hours as we compared to iOS apps they take generally few weeks to be downloaded. An application can be updated many times on the Google play store, in response to user’s feedback. While on the App Store, when you submit an update, your app would have to go through the same lengthy process.
Another great feature of the Play Store is the ability to release an app as alpha and beta releases which would be available to the members of the specific groups of testers.

Programming Language

One of the critical difference between Android and iOS app development is the programming language used. Android developers mostly used Java which is proven and powerful programming language used on wide range of an operating system. On the other hand, developing iOS application requires Apple’s development language (Objective-C or Swift). Both of these languages are only used for Apple development (iOS and OS X). This factor makes Android community more welcoming towards new developers.

Major benefits of Android Application Development

•Open source & High ROI
•Low Investment
•Easy to integrate
•Efficient Management tool
•Multiple sales channels
•Easy Adoption
•Customer feedback

We hope you understood the Reasons to choose Android Platform for App Development and this article gave you handy information regarding Android platform. This platform is extremely great for beginners. It is the key to the door of the successful development. But don’t go with the flow, you should select the best platform that suits your business requirements and accomplish your business goal.




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