Quick Heal Total Security 2018 Crack + Lifetime Product Key Alternative


Quick Heal Total Security 2018 Crack: Quick Heal Total Security 2018 secures online transactions, enables smooth Internet surfing by reducing unwanted and unscrupulous elements, and makes your PC more efficient in performing. Anti-viruses have become really important in 2018 when it comes to safeguarding data and your online privacy. Quickheal is one good anti-virus system available in the market.

In this article, we will be providing you the Quick Heal Total Security crack 2018 for a lifetime. Below, we have shared some keys which would help you to get Quick Heal Total Security 2018 crack for free.

Some of the best things about Quick Heal Total Security 2018:

  • RANSOMWARE PROTECTION: This feature is used to analyze the behavior of programs real-time using the behavior-based detection technology.
  • WEB SECURITY: It can block insecure and hazardous websites and prevents you from visiting that particular website on detection. It basically stops unwanted redirections.
  • EMAIL SECURITY: It blocks emails that contain hazardous data which could affect the privacy of the person.
  • SECURED TRANSACTIONS: It blocks the malicious activities which could steal the essential credentials of your financial data.
  • PROVIDES SECURED BROWSING: Quick heal total security provides you a secured browsing facility by acting as a virtual shield between your device and malicious and unwanted downloads.
  • DATA THEFT PROTECTION: This software blocks unauthorized retrieval of data from your device either tried through the internet or through a peripheral device such as USB drives. Thus it protects your data.
  • PARENTAL CONTROL: It provides you parental control features to block unwanted sites being visited by the children.

Quick Heal Free Download procedure is provided below:

List of Quick Heal Total Security 2018 Product keys:-


How to Install Quick Heal Total Security 2018 Crack (Detailed)

For installation, you can directly download the official software of Quick heal 2018 from their website or anywhere from the internet. You can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Quichheal’s official site. Just do a google search and you’ll be there.
  2. Download the Latest Version of Quickheal Total Security.
  3. Once Downloaded, extract the software and start the installation process.
  4. Once successfully installed, check out for keys mentioned in the article.
  5. Input the keys and check which works for you.
  6. That’s it! Once it is activated, start using Quickheal.

** Also note that you might be getting a 30-day trial when you download from their official site. You can use these keys once the trial expires.

It may take a while for installation but stay patient. Once the software is installed, try out any of the keys mentioned in the above link to get Quick Heal Total Security 2018 Cracked for free.

Here’s how QuickHeal Total Security 2018 should look once successfully installed:

Quick Heal Total Security 2018 Keys Download

Quick Heal Total Security 2018 Crack

We hope this article has helped you to get Quick Heal Total Security 2018 Crack. In case of any queries, leave them in the comments section. We’ll be glad to help you.

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