iMac Pro – is it worth for creative professionals?

imac pro

At WWDC 2017, Apple unveiled the machine that they’be been working on for quite a long time. Initially, users thought that it would be the next version of Apple’s superior machine – the MacPro but instead of that, a higher-end iMac called the iMac Pro was announced.

iMac Pro

Quick Specification Overview

This iMac Pro will ship in December 2017 with an 8-core Xeon processor, with configurations that scale up to an 18-core Xeon processor, 5K display, an all-new AMD Radeon Vega GPU, up to 128GB of data corruption-protecting ECC RAM, and up to 4TB for SSD storage. The price of the base version starting at $5000. For technical specifications click here.

Since the beginning of Mac, creative professionals have a favourable taste towards it. Mackintosh has provided the tools that the creative professionals have always needed for their work. Macs are always preferred by these users because of the brilliant hardware and software optimization. The iMac Pro would be an excellent machine for all the high intensive work such as – video editing, graphic designing etc. But, strong rumors and recent statements by Apple state that there would be a modular MacPro, successor to the trash can MacPro which will release in 2018. The new MacPro would be modular i.e. more upgradable, better expandabilty, better customization etc.

So does that make the iMac Pro worth it?

Apple states that most of the people who want a mackintosh computer go for iMacs, so they decided to make a higher end version to serve the needs of high intense users. The iMac Pro will be appreciated by the users but would not be as demanding as the MacPro. Also, the 5K displays of the new iMacs are one of the best so users may consider it. For the long term, the MacPro would be better because of the simple reason of upgradability. Let us know what do you think in the comments section.




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