Galaxy Note 9 Leaks and Rumors


Note 9, happens to be one of the most awaited devices of 2018, and there many reasons to back it up, its well-built reputation(exception note 7), and it being more
of dream fantasy for hardcore power users, due to it being choked to the throat with features making it more of a compact computer.

Samsung has already announced the phone, thus the leaks were pretty much known to spam the window between the announcement of the Note 9 till its release.

First rumours of it were already known to be a thinner bottom bezel and the dual aperture inspired from s9+, but to make it a bit distinguished, it has been lately revealed in those rumours that the note ‘s USP, the s-pen would be carrying Bluetooth capability to control music playback and other supported Bluetooth services, another alleged leak is that the Note’s s-pen would bring back an action’s memo reboot, and the capability to create customs graphs and all (back from the dead after Note 4).

The last thing, that has to be given a consideration is if, the Note 9’s S-PEN, is going to support the Bluetooth functionality, then what is going to power it?

Is it going to come with a built-in battery, and if it is coming with it, then what is going to charge it, the phone itself or something else?

Till then, let’s wait some next renders.



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