Galaxy Note 7 relaunched as Note Fan Edition (FE)

Note Fan Edition

Finally, after all the rumors regarding the Galaxy Note 7 relaunch, Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy Note Fan Edition.


Previously due to the global recall, Samsung encountered a loss of billions of dollars along with a huge stack of useless Note 7s. Samsung handled the situation pretty well at the time of Galaxy S8 launch and ensured that the 2016 catastrophe doesn’t impact the sales of their future phones. In fact, the Galaxy S8 series launched earlier this year was one of the highest selling smartphones, due to their offering and responsibility for the customers. Samsung had also announced an 8-point battery safety check to ensure the safety of the battery and the device in general.


To prevent the Galaxy Note Fan Edition’s battery from overheating or exploding, Samsung has included a smaller battery of 3200mAh which is 300 mAh less as compared to that of the original Galaxy Note 7. This device has also gone through the 8-point test to ensure the safety of the buyers. The specifications of the phone are the same as the Note 7. In the performance department, the Galaxy Note FE would be good, but it would not be as great as the current 2017 smartphones. The features of the phone include a large QHD display, with support for industry-leading S-Pen support, a 12 MP camera that is similar to that of the Note 7. The 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage are fine for a smartphone in 2017. The phone has IP68 rating meaning the phone to be dust and water resistant.


Samsung has also launched the Note Fan Edition with a price cut, thus making a sweet deal. The company has priced the phone at 699,000 won or about $611, compared to the $1000 at the time of launch. Moreover, the software has been updated to bring it on par with the Galaxy S8 and will also be coming with Bixby pre-loaded.


Currently, Samsung has announced to bring the Galaxy Note Fan Edition only to South Korea for now and we don’t if it would be making to other markets or not. Samsung would be coming out with just 400,000 units of the phone, though Samsung had recalled around 3.5 million Galaxy Note 7 devices from all over the world. The company said that the Fan Edition has been made of “unused” and “unopened” Note 7 parts and the phone has been launched to reduce the “environmental impact” that would have happened by disposing of the devices.

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