How to convert Wired Earphones/ Headphones to Bluetooth


Have you ever thought that you can use your wired Earphones or Headphones as Bluetooth Earphones/Headphone? Yes, it is possible without cutting any wires. Just by using an adapter. Now there’s no need to buy new ones. Just follow the steps to convert Wired Earphones/ Headphones to Bluetooth.

Procedure to How to convert Wired Earphones/ Headphones to Bluetooth Earphones/Headphones

  • Get an adapter

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  • Press the button on the adapter and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Insert the Aux into the Bluetooth receiver’s port.
  • Done!! Now you play the Music and Enjoy.

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How is the sound quality?

The sound quality is good. Though, you’ll see a slight decline in the audio quality if you are using very high-quality headphones or earphones. This can be the best you can possibly do under $8.

You can refer the video for further information.

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