Best Xbox One Emulators For Windows PC


Are you looking for an Xbox one emulator for Windows PC? Well if yes, we are here to help you out. The Xbox One is one of the most loved and preferred consoles by gamers for playing popular gaming titles. In 2018, it has become easy to find out titles online and play on your beloved Xbox. Today, we will be sharing a technique through which you’ll be able to play Xbox One games on your PC.

Now there are a lot of reasons why someone wants an Xbox one emulator for Windows PC. Maybe you are a game developer who wants to develop games for the Xbox One.

Or you are a hardcore gamer who doesn’t have an Xbox One due to various reasons but still want to try out Xbox one games on PC.

To help you out with the PC Xbox One Emulator, we have handpicked the top emulators and have made a list.

What is an emulator?

An emulator is a software program that pretends to be another particular device, Xbox in this case, that other components expect to interact with. An emulator tries the game to think that it’s running on an Xbox. Like we use emulators for PSP on our smartphones, similarly, we are going to be using emulators for Xbox.

We have tried enormous emulators that are available on the internet and have picked out the best Xbox one emulators for Windows PC. The drawback of emulators is that it can cause glitches while playing games. Though, you’ll be playing for free.

Note: We do not encourage to use any software/hardware/service for accessing the paid content for free. Be a good judge of your actions!

Most Xbox emulators which are in the market claim to be good when it comes to providing a mesmerizing gaming experience. However, most of the times they fail to do so. Emulation requires a lot of processing and GPU power to handle massive games. So let us check out the Best Xbox One Emulators For Windows PC.

1. HackiNations Emulator for Xbox One

HackiNations emulator provides the best and seamless gaming experience to the users who want to play Xbox games on PC. It is undoubtedly the best Xbox One emulator for PC currently. We say that because it can run any game, no matter how heavy it is. HackiNationations will give you minimal amount of glitches and frame drops. Also, you can play most of the games of Xbox 360 as well. Below, we have shared the link to download HackiNations from their official site.

Highlights of HackiNations emulator:

  • Supports various ROM and Disc file formats
  • Supports external USB controller.
  • Supports keyboard controls and custom mapping of keys
  • Supports Multiplayer game titles via Xbox Live
  • Supports HD graphics and fullscreen gameplay window
  • No lags and frame drops during heavy gameplay

Download HackiNations

2. Xeon Emulator

Xeon is another Xbox one emulator for PC which supports high as well as low graphic-intensive games and offers high stability and with decent performance. Titles such as Halo 5 are played well on this emulator. We have provided the link to download Xeon Xbox one Emulator below.

Download Xeon Emulator

Highlights of Xeon Emulator:

  • Supports low specs games
  • Supports external Controller and Keyboard
  • No Lag or frame drops while playing most of the games
  • Highly stable emulator for PC users.


To sum things up, this was our article regarding the Top Best Xbox one emulators for PC in 2018. Do note that currently, these are the only ones available in the market that work the best. We will be adding more in the future too and thus highly insist that you bookmark this post in your browser for those updates.

Hope this post regarding ‘Best Xbox One Emulators for Windows PC’ was helpful to you. In case of any queries, let us know. We’ll help you out.

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