Basically a custom Android ROM can change your device’s appearance and behaviour. So you need to be very particular about how you want your device to perform before choosing the suitable ROM from the below given list.


It has a huge array of officially supported devices and these are kept updated by the developers porting the ROM’s open source code unofficially. Also if your handset doesn’t support the latest version of CM11, you may get the older version around. It is an AOSP-based ROM , thus best to run on an older handset.

  • It lets you get rid of the useless features and resources. Thus it renders more speed to your smart cell. It has over clocking utilities to improve battery life by maximum CPU clock speeds.
  • The built in DSP manager gives you plenty of control over the sound profiles, customise shortcuts, can do away with the on-screen navigation bars.It implements SELinux to improve security of the operating systems.
  1. Paranoid Android
  • The pie mode is back with better features than the last AOSPA release. It includes custom camera binaries. It has a brilliant design with eye catching backgrounds.
  • Substratum and a more basic built in Colour engine provides for two different methods of setting themes.. It also has OTA support for ROM updates.


  • It includes advanced lock screen options and quick system statistics. It also has a Smart Radio function that controls the radio power mode according to the connectivity present.
  • Tweaks are available for the NFC mode, clock style, battery icon, navigation bar. It provides for granular app permission management. Infact, the ROM is friendly for downloading unblocked free movies.

4.Dirty Unicorns


  • It has a wide selection of supported devices. Its most recent Marshmallow release has indeed come up with features that make it stand out among the other ROMs.
  • It has features like Fling- a gesture based navigation feature, SmartBar- an overlay for the default navigation bar, Theme title to change the look of an app.


  • It is a private Android ROM that is available for fast use by multiple devices. It is a fast and stable ROM that comes with numerous tweak packages. It supports the active display whereby notification frequency, repeat rate etc can be set. It offers features like advanced reboot, dual column settings, dynamic notification drawer headers and OmniSwitch.
  • It has the Advanced Settings App . Its new features include Flick2Wake and Flick2Sleep and the battery draining sister Pick2Wake. Status bar and Notification drawer can be customised as and when required. Launcher and Voice controls can also be set with ease. It is a no-frills easy to use and configure ROM.


  • It offers flexibility with respect to the features that it provides. It can be instantly re-skinned which is useful as it potentially removes a key reason to ever flash another ROM. It is designed such that it is simple and lightweight for your device from the ground up. Installation can be customised by more than 40+ options found in the settings.
  • It encapsulates the features from other ROMs in the market like OmniROM, SlimROM, and others. It gives top notch security options for its users. It had a music player based on Phonograph. It provides Amaze file manager, customised launcher, ART and BIONIC optimisations.



  • It is very well compatible with the Android devices besides PCs and laptops. It has enormous personalization options with the basic status bar tools and navigation and button options. It supports the cyanogen Theming Engine. Switching between a device’s hardware and software navigation buttons is given proper support by BlissPop.
  • Its recent options include memory bar tools which clears the recent activity logs and locations. It has an OmniSwitch to replace recent menu with OmniSwitch. It makes sure that you have a greater battery life and faster operation.
  1. Resurrection Remix

 As its main source code it uses AOSP, LineageOS, SlimROM and Paranoid Android and then adds extra features to it. It has advanced quick settings toggles re-imagined so as to increase their utility. It includes gesture controls for their device. It always gets the latest of the Android source code and security updates.

  • It currently supports a variety of devices of different brands like HTC, LG, Samsung, OnePlus, Lenovo and many more. It can handle tons of feature of together. Thus helpful for users who like to have loads of apps filled into their devices. Changelog will give you the list of features and bug fixes in the official releases.

9.Carbon ROM


  • It is one of the first ROM to successfully implement Substratum. It is regarded as one of the most stable ROM. It has functionalities in the form of CarbonFibers which includes many modes for the system. There are no dreadlocks.
  • Smoothness and stability of this ROM is pretty unmatched. It is also available on variety of devices as it has long term development and official supports from Samsung , HTC LG and many other manufacturers. It lets you change the dimensions of the Navigation bar without changing the DPI settings.


It is a simple and neat ROM which offers a great balance between performance and battery. It is a newly launched project which recently updated their source code for the latest in Android which is Android Oreo 8.0. It brings many customizations, from lockscreen to power menu.

  • The source code is an open source hence anyone can build for any devices.It is a perfect combination of stock ROM with several customisability features and amazing battery life. You can get the latest software updates via Over-The-Air notification.

One must be sure of the features and capacity of the Android Phone so as to prevent unstability of the ROM installed.



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