5 of the Best Places to Find out about New Android Apps


The advent of Android applications was a game changer in the world of technology. Like Tony Stark and his special suits, we found ourselves with applications for every task imaginable. But today, Android users suffer from a different kind of problem: the paradox of too many choices.

In 2017, around 100 apps were added every hour on PlayStore alone. Even for the wildest purposes, we have dozens of apps available. In such a scenario, keeping track of the new launches seems like an impossible task. Or is it?

Here is a list of websites and platforms you can bookmark to find the newest Android apps in the market:

1) Google PlayStore

Let’s start with the best, shall we? There is no doubt that PlayStore is the perfect place to download android apps. The “New Arrivals” section helps you know about the latest apps that were launched. The ratings and reviews give you an even better idea. You will also be alerted whenever an update of the app is released by the developers. And the design is simple yet flawless.

2) Amazon Appstore

Moving from one giant to another, you have Amazon Appstore. Many of you might have never heard about it, because it is the default app only on Kindle tablets. But nonetheless, Amazon Appstore is a good alternative to PlayStore, while providing the same level of reliability. The security features are almost as good as PlayStore, and the apps are well-categorized. Android Central agrees with us, so you can be sure about that much. Oh, and it also provides you one paid app free of cost, every day.

3) SlideMe

Now, it is time to depart from the big names and explore the bigger world. SlideMe is the first name that strikes, simply because it has a huge collection of apps that keeps growing every day.

On the plus side, SlideMe gives you a curated list of apps that are reviewed for any malware. Furthermore, you can use both PayPal and Amazon Pay for buying apps. As per PhoneArena, it is a junk-free alternative to PlayStore.

4) 9Apps

The curse and boon of 9Apps is that it is free and largely unregulated. Thus, it is able to offer you a wide selection of applications, many of which might not be available elsewhere. The interface is easy on the eyes, despite the huge amount of apps that exist on the platform and continues to grow every day. Also, it gives you downloadable APK files, which gives you extra flexibility in app installation and sharing.

5) GoLauncherEx

For those who seek adventure, GoLauncherEx offers more than enough. The platform actually comes bundled with the GoLauncher launcher application, which is pretty cool. There are more than a billion people who use it, and you can always find the latest and trending apps on the store. Since Android Authority ranked it 3rd on the “best alternatives to PlayStore”, you can assume that it is awesome.

These are some of the best platforms to download the latest Android applications without compromising on the quality and security. Also if you are want to play to earn money through online gaming, casino.com have a new app for slots games in IOS and Android.  There is no right or wrong answer here; whatever your needs are, you will find a platform for it.

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